The Essentials

Puppy School provides a great opportunity for the puppies to socialise before they are fully vaccinated. There are 3 vaccines for puppies; a 8-week, 12-week, and 16-week vaccination that cover a range of diseases including distemper, parvo virus, hepatitis, and leptospirosis. These are required for general health of your pet and are especially important if you are going to board your dog. It is important that you keep your puppies away from any other dogs that are not fully vaccinated or if you don't know their vaccination status until your puppy is fully vaccinated. 

Puppies should be wormed every 2 weeks until 16 weeks of age, then every 3 months throughout their lives. A broad spectrum wormer, such as Milpro, should be used. The dosage will change depending on the weight of your puppy and is available at our clinic.

A diet made up predominantly of a good quality dry food, such as the Royal Canin Puppy Range or Hills Science Diet Growth, will provide all your pets nutritional requirements. Call our friendly team to discuss what would be best for your puppy.

Flea control
Advantage provides simple, safe, and long acting flea control for puppies. A single application is 99% effective for at least one month. After 11-weeks of age, Bravecto is our recommended option, which should be repeated every 3-6 months throughout their lives as directed.

Neutering or Spaying should be performed from about 12 months of age. Timing can vary depending on the breed and size of your puppy. Please call us on 09 625 5556 for more information or ask your Veterinarian during your next visit. This procedure helps to stop your pet from having unwanted puppies and can prevent some behavioural problems.

An identification system that can be injected under your pet’s skin and scanned to allow the retrieval of an identification number. This number is linked to the NZ Companion Animal Register (NZCAR), a 24 hour database that can store your contact details should your pet get lost or injured. This is now a legal requirement of all puppies for council registration.

Puppy Socialisation
Puppy school is fun and educational training experience for both puppies and their owners. It provides early socialisation and desensitisation opportunities to ensure your puppy grows to be well adjusted, while also providing a good start to training your dog.

Collar and Lead
These items are essential to ensure safe control of your puppy. Visit us in the clinic with your puppy to see what would be the best fit for you.



Kennel Cough Vaccine
An intranasal vaccine that provides very good protection with a single vaccination that lasts for one year. This year seems to be a particularly bad strain and it is especially beneficial for dogs in close contact with others or when going into boarding kennels.

Pet Medical Insurance
There are multiple options available to provide cover should your pet become ill or be involved in an accident.

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