Cate Nortier BVSc

Cate Nortier


Hello, I am Cate. I grew up in Zambia with lots of pets and always wanted to be a veterinarian.  We moved to New Zealand in the late 80's and after graduating from Massey University in 2000, I started my Vet career in Adelaide, where I worked for 3 years and then moved to the UK for 7 years, before returning back home to New Zealand.

I love gardening and plants and I knew I had to live somewhere warm, so settled here in Auckland.  My partner and I bought a little villa in Onehunga and part of the reason why I work part-time as a Vet is that I spend the rest of the week stripping over 130 years of paint off the outside of the villa, gardening or tending to my houseplants! I have assistance and supervision in these taks from my two white cats, Casper and Gavin.  They were found abandoned in a Remeura park, only a few days old, so I hand-reared them and of course fell in love and they have been part of our family since.  I also love tramping, walks, VW's, volcanoes, music, cooking and baking.

In New Zealand I have worked at the Cat Clinic in Mt Eden (became Cats at Pet Doctors) and then at Ellerslie Vets.

Over the years I have found that although I enjoy seeing all pets, I have a special affinity towards cats - my calm, gentle nature allows me to earn their trust and I love getting to know their personalities. I'm especially passionate about geriatric cat care, having had an elderly Burmese called Champers. Champers lived to almost 20 years old and he used to know Bob Geldof!  I particularly enjoy using my personal experience with old cats to help guide others in caring for their beloved elderly cats.

Along with the help of the lovely, caring team at The Vets, I always aim to provide a personalised and high standard of care for all pets I am trusted to look after and I look forward to meeting you and your pets.