Filta Clear Cream Tube 50g

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Filta Clear Cream Tube 50g

What is FiltaClear?

A protective total sunblock cream that rubs in near-clear / translucent. Contains microfine titanium dioxide giving an SPF of 24-27. Also acts as an antibacterical protective skin cover.

Total sunblock safe for sensitive skins and can be rubbed in near-clear.

Can be used for cats, dogs, horses, cattle, pigs, sheep and goats.

Suitable for albino or white cats' and dogs' noses and ear margins. Safe for sensitive skins. 

Suitable for show animals such as dressage or show jumping where external marks may be a distraction or not permitted.

The fine film minimises rub off of sunscreen onto furniture or carpets.

FiltaClear contains Bitrex (a bittering agent) which deters licking. Suitable for clipper rash where its bitter taste deters licking which causes more irritation.

How do I use FiltaClear?

Apply a thin layer each morning to exposed areas and up to 3 times daily when required. May be gently massaged in until white filming disappears.

Clean excess FiltaClear from the skin every second to third day by bathing with warm water and mild soap or non-soap cleanser. Pat or air-dry and reapply as required. Suitable for sensitive skins.

Can be used over veterinary procedures to cover and protect. Bitrex deters licking of sutured sites, clipper rash etc.

Do not use around the mouth, lips or on teats of lactating animals. 

Other Information:

Store below 30°C.

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